What’s buzzing inside the company and the world of tech?


Exceptions handling with safe_bloc

Error handling in Flutter can sometimes be a daunting task. How does the safe_bloc library help to solve this problem?


Flutter Firebase Festival 2023 Highlights

The post highlights some of the favorite talks from the event, including discussions on creating realtime bus displays, pushing Flutter beyond mobile, desktop, and web, and building scalable and secure apps with Flutter and Firebase.


Enhancing Static Analysis in Flutter: Interview with DCM Founder Dmitry Zhifarsky

DCM for Teams is here to make our codebase more consistent. We asked its founder to shed light on its development and future.


Meet Neti - Your time-tracking companion

Say 👋 Hi to Neti, our newest tool for creating custom reports from your Toggl data.


Code generation in Flutter: analyzing

In Flutter, code generation is all the rage. But your journey starts with a good analysis.


Flutter tech insight into the Škola Online App

Feel like peeking behind the curtain of our latest mobile app? Come right in.


Hook into Flutter Hooks

Does boilerplate code in Flutter bother you? We’ll Hook you up.


Automate object mapping in Dart with auto_mappr

In need for object mapping package in Dart? We have you covered!


How to handle one-time UI events with Bloc in Flutter

One-time UI events might get tricky. Might side effects be the right way?


Pineapple belongs in Vue: Using Stores in Vue app in 2023

Pinia or Vuex? The choice was easier than expected.


Why we built our own sliver app bar builder

Meet sliver_app_bar_builder, our customizable sliver for app bars in Flutter.


Introducing netglade_analysis, our curated set of Dart lints for Flutter apps

We created our own Dart lint package. And what is linting anyway?


The Basics of Scrolling in Flutter

Slivers: it-which-must-not-be-named or an unnecessarily feared topic?


Bootstrap vs. Tailwind – 5 reasons why we switched to a different CSS framework

How we struggled with Bootstrap until Tailwind showed us the way.


When you’re not feeling blue: How to use colors in webdesign

“Some colors just don’t go together” is a tale as old as time. But is it really true? The answer is a little more complicated.


5 Reasons Why We Work at Netglade

From the unique company culture and inviting atmosphere to the outstanding offices in Letná, what more makes working at Netglade our dream job?