NN Czech Republic

A state-of-the-art customer website for complete access to your insurance and savings

The Dutch-based NN Insurance has been a steady provider of insurance services on the Czech market for over 30 years, offerring a wide variety of products ranging from life insurance to pension plans. Our cooperation started with developing a custom backend solution for a new customer website.

Realization10-2021 – ongoing

Used technologiesMicrosoft Azure, Azure ADB2C, Azure Functions, Azure API Management, .NET 6, Microsoft Power Apps, React, C#

The development commenced as part of an agile transformation of the entire company. Its goal was to modernize aging software and give customers a comprehensive application where they could manage their savings and insurance plans. However, the legacy version was equipped with limited features and could only work properly on desktop. Which is why we embraced a mobile-first philosophy and built the new version around strategic UX and UI changes.

While our friends and colleagues at Megumethod handled frontend duties, our mission was to come up with a backend solution that would replace the old one. Interconnecting on-premise services and Oracle databases with Microsoft Azure cloud services posed one of the biggest challenges we had to face. Evolving the whole network to a hybrid model also meant maintaining high security standards. As a result, we implemented Azure ADB2C, an access management solution, for users logging in via their bank identity.


Similarly, we completely redesigned client registration and authentification. On the old system, clients were asked to verify their identity through mail. The company wished to streamline the process because of delivery issues and clients running out of patience. Hence, in the new version, all clients can complete authentification through BankID or other preferred methods of verification. As a much-welcome side effect, the company’s customer support line has been reporting a steep drop in calls regarding login issues.

We also integrated a monitoring service utilizing Adobe Azure Insights and Microsoft Power BI, which is used primarily for user activity tracking. The main idea lies in getting insights into how clients use the website so that customer support can pinpoint potential obstacles and help clients overcome them. To do so, customer support uses our internally developed software based on Microsoft Power Apps.

The finished .NET 6 backend solution runs on the serverless services of Azure Functions. In its entirety, it serves as a rock-solid backbone to an intuitive web portal that offers instant access to all insurance products within a few clicks.